Gym Rules

1. Leave your ego at the door

Prescribed weights and movements represent a standard to aim for but they aren’t the be all and end all. Sometimes, we will advise you to modify a weight or change a movement in order for you to get the most out of a workout, for your safety or for the safety of others.
Respect the advice and experience of your coach and follow their instructions accordingly.

2. Be on time

Warming up is important to ensure you’re adequately prepared to conduct workouts and classes will start and finish on time so please arrive dressed and ready to commence the warm-up by the designated start time. If you are more than 10 minutes late then expect to be asked to wait until the next class.

3. Encourage each other

The best thing about CrossFit aside from the fact that you are getting fit is the encouragement you will get from other members. Embrace it and you will get a lot more out of every workout!

4. Treat the gym as your own

Drop barbells during workouts, sweat and get chalk all over the floor, but be prepared to clean up after yourself.

5. Report injuries

If you have a pre-existing injury or medical condition or get injured during a class, let your coach know immediately. We can help you manage it by modifying workouts or by referring you to a medical professional for further treatment.

6. Respect others

We value diversity and are absolutely committed to ensuring that everyone, without exception, is treated with dignity and fairness. If you can’t abide that, expect to be kicked out.

7. Have fun!

We work hard. It’s not all work, though – we like to have a laugh and want you to as well. We hope you’ll enjoy being part of the community, learning new skills, and celebrating achievements and improvements with others in the box. Fitness and health are lifelong pursuits – we want you to enjoy the process!

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