What to expect at CrossFit Taipan

CrossFit Taipan is a 200m2 facility that is, by design, rough and ready to train people. Everything we have put in the box is there for a specific purpose. Our philosophy behind this approach is simple: we want to block out any distractions and keep you focused on training while you are there. Having said that, we like to play music and have a laugh when we’re working out.

We have pullup bars, lifting racks, rowers, barbells, bumper plates, kettlebells, foam rollers and other mobility tools – everything you need to get fit. We will also do occasional recovery swim classes at Hornsby Aquatic and Leisure Centre at additional cost.

CrossFit Taipan also operates the industry-leading WODify software which streamlines your experience at the facility and enables you to accurate track your performance over time.

We have a shower on-site for those wanting to shower and change before/after work and we have separate male/female toilets. We are aiming to add a child-minding service in the future.

Parking is limited so please use the unrestricted parking on Yatala Road and walk down to the box.


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