Why choose CrossFit Taipan?


  • You don’t need to be fit or even fully physically capable to get started – We scale movements and workouts according to your ability. We will work around physical restrictions to make sure you still get the results that you want.
  • Premium service – At CrossFit Taipan you will get the quality of a personal trainer in a group training environment. That means we can also tailor aspects of the core programming to help you achieve your goals if you have specific requirements.
  • Community – Some workouts will be tough. Sharing those tough experiences with the people around you will help you bond and the camaraderie you will develop will mean you’re more motivated to get back in the gym the next day and do it all again!
  • Cost vs Benefits – CrossFit Taipan is cheaper than similar schemes like F45 or dedicated personal trainers. You’ll have more fun on your way to better results within a supportive community, and will be able to measurably track your increases in fitness.

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